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Encounter Conference

Prophet Hari Rao

November 03rd, 04th & 05th | 06:30 PM onwards

180 W Georgia St,
BC V6B 4P4

Encounter Conference

Join Prophet Hari and his wife Prophetess Cristina as they bring the heart of God to Vancouver. Encounter Conference will be a time of prayer, impartation and breaking of the Word.

November 03rd, 04th & 05th | 06:30 PM

Vancouver, canada

shape 1 - Hari Rao
shape 2 - Hari Rao
shape 4 - Hari Rao
Hari Emmanuel 1.1 - Hari Rao
WITH Prophet Hari Rao


Conference Night is a free event, use the registration form to let us know you are coming. We will save you a seat.

Hari Rao is a leading prophetic voice, a mentor to pastors and leaders and an anointed communicator of God's word. His travel ministry of 14 years has seen thousands come to the saving Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Over 30 cities have been impacted by the Grace and the Power of God.

  1. Pray - Pray that God would visit Vancouver in a mighty way.
  2. Sow - You can financially sow into event here
  3. Volunteer - If you would like to serve in any capacity, let us know here

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