Growing in the prophetic – 3 sources of prophecy

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The human soul realm:
  • Often inspired by emotions, fears and human intellect.
  • In this realm its easy misinterpret our own intuitions to God’s voice.
  • If our motives are not pure it will may lead us to place of error.
  • In this realm people prone to abuse and manipulation.

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The Demonic realm:
  • Humans become carriers of messages that are demonically inspired.
  • It is not a common situation with a born again believer as he is the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • This is also the realm where people who seek power and control tend to open themselves up for dark spirits.
  • People who operate in this realm rely on demonic spirits for details. Example: consulting of spirits (or any other realm outside of scripture and the Holy Spirit)
  • Exposure to this realm may cause oppression.

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The Holy Spirit:
  • The Holy Spirit is the purest form of prophetic for inspiration and it is the most powerful.
  • It always results in encouragement and edification of the believer and the church as a whole.
  • He leads people into the truth and always reveals Jesus.

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