What if you marry someone with an imperfect past

What if you marry someone with an imperfect past? – Amit Kamble

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What If you marry someone with an imperfect past? Will God still bless you and your marriage?

In this post, I’d like to share both the delicate and delightful moments of our married life and I hope it will shed some light to your life.

When God doesn’t give you what you desire

Let’s just rewind a bit and pick it up from me being single. I was young and earnest about serving God, and like most people I had desires of my own about how the girl of my life should be. I always wanted a tall, fair, good singer as my wife. But then you don’t always get from God what you desire, but you’ll always get what you need. Geeta cannot sing, she isn’t tall and has a wheatish complexion (clean bowled!). But she is everything I need and more.

Likewise, Geeta had different expectations from her life partner and I was different from her expectations. Yet through all the odds, God helped us find strong reasons to be together for life.

you don’t always get from God what you desire, but you’ll always get what you need. Click To Tweet

Anyone would want a girl with a perfect past. But when I met Geeta she had an unpleasant past which was hampering her present. She had just experienced salvation and was trying to fit into the church, but things weren’t easy for her as everybody knew her past. Life was difficult for her in that season because people could not see beyond her past.

On one hand, there was no-one who was ready to stand with Geeta, let alone marry her. On the other hand, I had no clue how God was preparing me for her, Years before I got married, I had heard God ask me what if there’s a girl with an unpleasant past, will you accept her? God reminded me of the same question when I met Geeta.

People say it takes courage to do what I did. Well may be yes, but being courageous is much easier than living in fear.

Hold on to God and His peace

Roughly a month before our wedding, a man of God whom I always looked up to, turned to me and said, “Amit, God told me that you and Geeta getting married is not from Him and that if you still go ahead it’s only going to last a month.”

Well, that shook me a bit as it was coming from the one who had made me strong in the Lord, but I had this tremendous peace inside me which never let me shake from my decision to marry Geeta. We got married, and the 1st month of our married life just vanished in a blink. Exactly after a month, Geeta and I were in a city to minister with the same pastor who had prophesied over us to not to get married, and after the meeting he called me and said, “God says I have united you two as one only to serve Me(God)” Well, the rest is history.

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All I want to say here is, it doesn’t matter who is prophesying what over you, God’s voice in your spirit will fix your destination. So hear from Him and have peace in your heart to know the will of God and go ahead. Heaven will back you!

Your life partner will bring out the best in you

The Two Shall Be One, marriage does not complete the two but it complements the two and that’s why the Bible says “The two shall be one”, and not ‘the half and half shall be one’. This is what happened with me and Geeta about 12 years ago. We were both, separate and complete individuals who decided to become one.

I knew I could sing but never believed I could write my own songs. The very first song I wrote (which I hardly remember now) I made Geeta hear it. That song was immature, it never made it to any church or any recording studio. But Geeta encouraged me so much to write more songs making me believe I can do it.

She really did bring the best out of me!

This is what marriage does to you. You are already complete but then marriage brings the best out of you in bringing glory to God’s name.

We don’t have everything in life, but we are so glad to serve our God with what we have. It’s been a rough road but we rejoice in God when we see people’s lives touched by ours.

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The deepest desire of our union is to “serve God, serve people and stay humble”. This is what we have been practicing ever since we said “I DO”. One other thing we desire after we go away for good, our 4th and 5th generations should be able to say there was a couple who really did something which left a legacy.

People give testimonies about their miracles, their healing, but we want to testify how our marriage has touched young lives.

We don’t have biological children yet, but God has given us so many spiritual sons and daughters to mentor that we never feel barren in life. Hope in God and He will turn your disappointments into advantage.

Guest Post by Amit Kamble

Pastor Amit Kamble is a worship leader and the lead singer in the worship band Aaghaaz. He is married to Geeta Kamble and they pastor a vibrant church in Solapur. You can find more details here: www.aaghaaz.com

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