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5 things we never learn about relationships in the church

[cs_content][cs_section parallax=”false” separator_top_type=”none” separator_top_height=”50px” separator_top_angle_point=”50″ separator_bottom_type=”none” separator_bottom_height=”50px” separator_bottom_angle_point=”50″ style=”margin: 0px;padding: 10px 0px 45px;”][cs_row inner_container=”true” marginless_columns=”false” style=”margin: 0px auto;padding: 0px;”][cs_column fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/1″ style=”padding: 0px;”][cs_text]On any given Sunday, I can walk into any of the great churches in my locality and I’m confident I will learn valuable life lessons on prayer, tithes, missions and a whole lot of other important topics, but the church is an interesting place to be in if you need dating advice to start a fresh relationship or you need some expert Christ-centered advice to navigate your current relationship.

The challenge in the Church is that dating advice is not readily available nor is dating frequently addressed from pulpits, forcing the average Christian to turn to self-learning, popular TV shows and peer groups for enlightenment.

Good people – the ones that love God may break our hearts

It shocks people every single time when they see two God loving and well-meaning believers fall apart. It’s shocking because somehow we believe that if two people are good Christians, they are automatically going to be good in a relationship forever. Just because someone is a wonderful Christian it doesn’t automatically mean they are going to be an ideal partner for you.

Some relationships are not going to work no matter what, and it is OK.

No matter how much you pray, fast and love, some relationships are not going to work and it really is ok. Contrary to popular dialogues in Indian movies, the end of one relationship is not the end of the world. We should just learn to make peace with that and move on to other things. God is not at His wits end with your situation. He has you covered!

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The anointing is not the person

We often make this mistake of equating a person’s anointing to his or her character. No matter how gifted or anointed a person is, please don’t date their anointing or their gift, you must fall in love with the person.Someone can be anointed and adulterous, look at David! Take time to know the person, their passions, problems, their sacrifices and their quirks.

Relationships will bring out the best and probably the worst in you

A committed and a meaningful relationship can be a very powerful source of inspiration. It can lead a person to great acts of sacrifice and love. On the flip side, it can also make people highly insecure, jealous and extremely selfish. Intimate relationships have this uncanny ability of revealing our true selves to us.

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You can be unequally yoked in the church

Paul’s instruction to marry someone within the faith is more than just solid advice.It is the only scriptural requirement for anyone who is serious about their faith and is considering marriage. However, I think its applications are not just limited to people that are considering marrying someone from a different faith, I believe it is possible to be unequally yoked within the church.

It takes more than a denominational affiliation for two to be equally yoked. To be equally yoked is the union of two spirits, souls and bodies.It’s going to take more than having Christian names and attending the same church to become one. God is interested two individuals becoming one in devotion, purpose and love.

I hope this post blessed you, in closing I would like to ask you what are some of the important relationship lessons you have learnt. Let me know by leaving a comment in the section below.[/cs_text][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]

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